Problem with TIDAL and Roon having different metadata

I added an album from TIDAL to my library yesterday, and later downloaded the DSD256 version. So I now have two versions of the album in my library and Roon sees them both.

The bizarre problem though, is that although TIDAL has the correct cover art and other metadata, the download is not recognised by Roon. Can I transfer the TIDAL metadata to the downloaded album? I’ve tried looking the album up in Edit, but Roon doesn’t have proper information about it. It’s quite frustrating as I cam see all the correct metadata in the other version.

So can the data be transferred? Why do TIDAL and Roon have different metadata knowledge?

How about merging the album versions in Roon and making them a virtual 2-disc album , where one is the CD quality one and the other the DSD? Would that work?

Not sure if you can combine TIDAL albums with permanent albums. Maybe worth a try, thanks.