Problem with Tidal Integration

I entered my TIDAL login information and the tracks seem to have loaded but my favorite Artists, Albums and Playlists did not load. For Artists and Albums I got error message: “Failed to Load Artists/Albums :(” Don’t even see a Playlist section.
Please help! I LOVE TIDAL!!

Can someone please help me with this? Looks like all of my Tidal tracks were integrated but none of my favorite albums, playlists or artists. Any suggestions?

Hey Tom, sorry about that. We’ve seen this one or twice, so we’ll want a little more info off your install so we can figure out what’s going on.

We’ll be in touch shortly. Stand by!

I have a similar problem.
A specific Cd from TIDAL can be selected via the search function and select then TIDAL.Then it can get added to my library with no problems.
I also see it under “collection” on artists or albums.
When i select it to play it shows the artists and album infos similar to a non TIDAL Cd,
but it doesn’t play.
When i hit the play button(after select play the album) it shows for a second the track but then the error message in red “tidal_account_error” appear.
Its only for that album other TIDAL music i can play.
Also the same album can played direct on my Mac on the internet without problems-so the album itself works.
The artist are Terje Rypdal(use it for the search) then select the album nam “QED” with Christian Egger and the Borealis Ensemble.
Can you please check for me if its my personal account or another problem and which one
Thanks Robert

@dontknow can you play the album on

Yes that work without problems- sorry about my bad description in my post with
“Also the same album can played direct on my Mac on the internet …”

Ok, and what country are you located in? I think that’s all I’ll need to take this to the team, thanks for the cooperation!

Iam from austria- please do not beat me ;.))

Comparing Tidal on Sooloos and Roon. Brenda Fassie has 8 albums on sooloos but when searched through Roon there are only 3 Albums listed in main albums but other (not all) albums are accessable via Top Tracks.
It would seem we are missing an ‘All Albums’ section.

Chris :slight_smile:

Thanks Chris, but i do not understand your thoughts on that-sorry my english thinking understanding is still very basic.
My problem is that i find the album,can add it to the “collection” and even can start it before the error message appears but i can listen to it on the tidal homepage on the internet.
That “logic” is over my head.
The only “logic” is that ROON and the Tidal homepage “see” me from different countries and maybe there are some distribution limitations- but that all is highly speculative…

I need to send “logs” to Roon fro trouble shooting. Can anyone tell me how to do that with mac OSX?

Hey Tom, I followed up via PM with instructions to use the support ID I gave you, should be good to go! Let me know if you have any trouble.

Hey Tom, I think I see the root cause of your issue in the logs you submitted (thanks, by the way), which was an internal server error. Try removing your Tidal account and logging back in (Settings > Services > Log out and disable > log back in), then let me know if that resolves the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

You nailed it! Thanks, Kevin

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