Problem with using Qobuz under Roon: Playback interrupted because a track failed to load

Yes! It does seem to be working initially for me, I queued a track and it played. Hope it sticks, hope others have success. Thanks for providing the solution! Core running on Windows 7.

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Yesss, it works here in France.
Fingers crossed!

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Do we need to restart Qobuz?

Nope, just try playing some Qobuz content in Roon.

no, it works well now

It’s working for me now!! Yay!

Unfortunately I have already built out a ROCK server. Now I’m wondering if that’s a better solution than running Roon Server on Windows Server 2012 R2

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Definitely give ROCK a spin, I think you’ll really love it. :slight_smile: Regardless, glad you’re up and running! And thanks so much for the Wireshark sleuthing yesterday, it was a big help.

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Final update! Qobuz rolled back some SSL changes and since we’ve gotten several confirmations that things are working again, I think we can call this solved.

Thanks all for the continued patience, and happy listening!

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Had to share this. The last comment is comedy gold :rofl:


Wow. Not exactly “customer friendly” are they?

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I’m happy to help @kevin (and for any user that had the same problem). Glad to see Qobuz addressing the very issue we identified.

I actually thought it was hilarious and do think it’s none of our business :slight_smile:

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What these various online glitches made me do, was build a setup that’ll play my local library with no internet, with no online service. A working lan and I’m good to go…meanwhile somebodies tinkering with with something somewhere ready to break something else…

Indeed, hilarious. Now I have the perfect comedy answer if I should ever feel like canceling my Qobuz account. They’ll see the funny side I’m sure!

I’m can’t sure but I think what the guy was really asking was “Why did you go and break it, and why’s it still broken after a week?” You can’t be mentioning “SSL” to support techies they get a bit feisty!

So my win7 core setup got fixed when they rolled back their little top secret SSL adventure apparently.

Maybe next time they’ll be more cautions, maybe even test it a bit :crazy_face:

Hope everyone else get’s theirs running as was…

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