Problem with Win10 drivers

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Windows 10 - Server and Roon end-point

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Google mesh

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HTPC / EVGA NU Sound card/ Toslink with DEVIALET Phantom Gold speakers.

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Nob question…be kind… :slight_smile:

I’ve an old PC that I converted into a Roon end-point and also bought the EVGA NU audio card to be able to match my speakers 192/24 resolution(and hopefully improve the quality) while playing music from Roon/Tidal, etc… now long introduction for an “easy” question… :slight_smile: …I’m having issues with the EVGA Toslink driver configuration in Win10 that for some reason doesn’t allow me to setup the SPDIF output for anything above 16/44, no sound comes out with movies, etc, and the all thing freezes…but with Roon I setup the EVGA WASAPI(or ASIO) driver to 192/24 and play whatever and everything seems to be working with no problems and in Roon it shows a perfect “purple digital path” to whatever resolution music tracks I send…is Roon able to bypass the Win10 output SPDIF setup of 16/44 or in the end what I’m really getting is the 16/44 res to my speakers?

What does your signal path look like. Post a screenshot.
As in

What’s the windows audio settings set at. Roon will take exclusive use of the device using ASIO and with WASAPI if option is on and bypass system audio so it can switch rates dependant on source. Windows itself will just output at the rate set in the OS and try and resample anything to it. This isnt really a Roon support request though and one for the manufacturer of your sound card.

Screenshot below.

Roons working as it should as mentioned above. If it’s not working for other sources check your pcs audio settings.

Windows (at this stage, trying to fix it with EVGA) the only way to output any sounds is with the settings at 16/44 (CD Quality) for the SPDIF.

If I understand your explanation, Roon basically takes over the driver and streams at the quality is setup for…Windows config is based on the OS setup…so I what I see on Roon path should give me the indication what really is happening and I’m getting the quality of the file I’m streaming into my speakers dac…I’m fine with that… :v::smiley:

Yes, this is not a Roon “problem” Roon is amazing! I’m just trying to understand how it works so I can try to workout this problem I’m having…

Many thanks, appreciate the support.

Fantastic, that’s all I was worried about, thanks!

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Well, Toslink is only guaranteed to 24/96. It may or may not work at higher resolutions. It all depends.

I am confused about why the NU card as most computers already come with a Toslink. The point of that card, which I own and use (right now in fact) is to be the DAC. It sounds amazing combined with HQPlayer, btw and up-sampling everything to DSD256.

But, I will setup a toslink connection to a little test DAC and give it a try. Report back in a little bit with what I find.

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Thank you, that would be great.

The EVGA NU documentation states 192/24…and my DAC/Integrated Speaker also supports 192/24 over Toslink…but there’s some issue with Win10 setup only supporting 16/44… :-/

As a brief aside. I connected a little external DAC up to my NU card via toslink and got the same issue. I am in the process of dealing with their tech support to find out what is going on. Keep you posted.

Quick one…what OS are you running in your PC? I also managed to get in touch with support and their first call was to say they only support Win10 (Home) not “Server” (PRO) which I’m running… :unamused: …but they send me a few steps to try to troubleshoot and report back…I will keep you posted on that as well.

I also just order a new Toslink Audioquest cable just in case…

Another thing I’m having a pain with is to use the ASIO driver with ROON, it worked in the beginning and now the NU app says the driver is active but no sound comes out…with the WASAPI driver all works fantastic…not sure if you’re having the same experience…

Really appreciate the support Daniel.

Doubt it is the Toslink cable. I used a known good Toslink cable. I do use Win 10 Pro.

Yes, Roon does not release the EVGA NU ASIO driver cleanly. It is especially noticeable playing DSD material. All other software programs do. Roon does not if it is on the machine that is both the server and the endpoint.

What i have to do, is after using Roon, I play a CD resolution file in Jriver, which will then take control of the ASIO and reset the driver to 44.1. I then, have to go to Windows, Audio Setup, choose the EVGA NU Speakers, hit configure, hit test (there will be no sound), hit cancel, and then try it again. It usually resets correctly after 1 go through. If not, then I have to Disable the sound device and then re-enable it.

I’ve had to do this since the EVGA NU launched, and the issue has continued through with the EVGA NU Pro. So, after doing the workaround for the past year and a half, I have it down to a quick routine.

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