Problema di latenza quando uso roon con HQP

Ho un problema di latenza quando arresto i brani, ho li faccio partire , si parla di più o meno 2/3 secondi… La mia configurazione e roon+ HQP CORE su un player di Aqua acoustic… come lo posso risolvere?

Google Translation
I have a problem of latency when I stop the songs, I start them, we talk about 2/3 seconds… My configuration and roon + HQP CORE on an Aqua acoustic player… how can I solve it?

Trying to reply using my very mediocre Italian reading ability: latency is determined by HQP’s filter latency. More elaborate filters with many more taps have more latency. It’s not Roon’s doing.

Hi @massimiliano_di_lona , welcome to the user forum,
as @Fernando_Pereira said, it’s due to HQP’s workings, so I moved your post over to the appropriate section.

thanks for the reply, i understood and made it very clear !!

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