Problems adding GBC radio

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First time poster.

I’m trying to add Gibraltar live radio station GBC. Have tried adding their URL, which is: but without success. Have tried many variations of this URL and also via TuneIn radio, all without success.

Annoyingly, I know there is a way, as I did have it previously on My Live Radio when my system was first set up and the dealer added GBC radio for me. But since a software update it’s disappeared and the dealer is not responding to my request.

Any help appreciated.



Edited to add: Using Roon Version 1.8. Build 778.

Hello @Kevin_Ineson, two things…
First, to add a station, easiest is to use the Tunein url - that’s what you see in the Tunein address bar when you’ve found the station, in this case

…but… It doesn’t work in this case (I don’t know why)

Secondly, don’t worry, I’ve found a working stream and added Radio Gibraltar for you.

At the moment we don’t have Gibraltar as a location, so easiest is to use the magnifying glass and search.

Let me know if OK.

Hello again @Kevin_Ineson. I see that there are two other Radio Gibraltar streams: Plus FM, and Plus AM.
Are these both different? They seem the same.

I’ve added Radio Gibraltar Plus using the stream Plus FM but would be grateful for further information.

Hi Brian

Thank you so much for your speedy reply and for adding the two Gibraltar radio stations.

I’ve now added GBC radio and Radio Plus to My Live Radio. (Radio Plus FM and AM are indeed the same station.)

Given that Gibraltar covers an area of less than three square miles I’m not surprised it doesn’t have its own location. :grinning:

Many thanks again


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It will. There is some issue at the moment with adding new locations, but we’ll add it as soon as we can.

Thats great to hear Brian.

I’m not sure that there are too many other radio stations in Gibraltar (I don’t live there any more) although from memory there is a BFBS (British Forces Broadcasting Service) Gibraltar which would be good to be able to access.

Thanks again for your help in this matter.


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Thanks for the info @Kevin_Ineson. I didn’t realise that there is a whole network of BFPS stations. I’ve added BFPS Gibraltar and will get around to adding others as I get time.

Got it!


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