Problems adding internet radio stations?

thanks Carl…trying to import radio stations (cbc, bbc) but not having luck
tried it via tune in and roon couldn’t recognize the url…not even with tune in’s link
(2nd screenshot)

Anything on the above?

Hi, I think your stream URL is incomplete. You may have clicked the link to the stream, but that URL in your screenshot needs the .mp3 or .aac or etc. info on it for Roon to be able to pick it up.

see these examples that are working for me right now in Roon: <- this one comes from SomaFM’s website,aac <- this one came from TuneIn

I got that by right clicking on the search result within TuneIn, then pasting that as a new internet station in Rune. Somehow Roon picked up that longer URL.

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i guess it’s learn by numbers as many of us explore this venue of internet radio.
where would i find that other info to plug in then, i wonder…
luckily we do have that useful internet radio thread with many links
graciously provided by helpful Roon members.
however, many thanks for this helpful tip…happy listening.