Problems (again) with two stations

I wrote last December under “Peroblems (sic) with two stations” about not being able to get two stations. I now have the same problem. I have confirmed that these stations exist. They are listed in my collection of stations but I cannot play them.
Satin Jazz

If these could be restored, I would be grateful.

Hello again @Daniel_Polvere.

Updated SatinJazz. Please check.

Doowopradio4u's stream has changed; I’ve updated our database but the stream appears to be offline/silent at the moment. Our notes for the station say it tended to transmit between noon and midnight EST so it appears that’s still the case

Satin Jazz is working. Thanks!
It was my prior experience that the doowop station only has limited broadcasting hours as you indicated.
As long as I’m writing, I have one more question. WHRB (Harvard Radio), which has had a more than 70 year history and has been considered something of a trendsetter in programming, has a default stream of MP3 96kpbs. This seems remarkably low-res. Is this the best they offer?

WHRB actually offer 3, though one is opus which Roon can’t deal with, and the others are the 96k mp3 and an aac.

The .aac is advertised as 64k, which may be better for you,
I’ve analysed it and it appears to be 128k!

I’ve re-labelled it. Try it and see.

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