Problems backing up music files

For a core I am using my MacMini with i7 quad-core, 8GB, 250GB SSD. Music files are on external HDs (RAID 1) connected by Thunderbolt to MacMini. I am operating Core in Roon Exclusive Mode. I have a 3GB external HD connected to core via Firewire 800 for weekly complete back-ups. Up until I started using Roon, I had no problem backing up my music files. Since using Roon, the back program (Data Backup by Prosoft, which came with the drive) reports numerous errors after a back-up, and back-ups have simply failed. In addition, I do a second, incremental back-up from another computer (an iMac) using an Intego program to an external Lacie USB drive connected to that computer. That back-up program has also reported numerous errors when backing up. I have read elsewhere that I may have to shut down Roon to allow the back-up to be completed. Is this correct? Since I use the MacMini solely as a Roon Core, if true, this seems unreasonable to me. Please advise if there is some workaround that would not require me to shut down Roon each evening. Thank you.


Please read the KB-article about backups:

Configure automatic backups within Roon and instruct your backup program to exclude the folder where Roon is installed.

BlackJack, many thanks for your response. Will review the knowledge base article and try your advice about configuring backups within Roon. Did not know that was an option. Will report back.

The KB article addresses backing up the Roon database, but doesn’t address backing up music files. I have scheduled back-ups of the Roon database and after some initial problems getting access to the external drives, it seems to have worked. Can one schedule back-ups of music files using this same functionality in the Roon software? Also FYI, Roon is installed on the internal SSD, while the music files are on an external drive, so there is no need to worry about excluding the folder where Roon is installed.

No, it’s for the database only to prevent the problem of failing backups you described in your first post.
The music library is always external - from Roons point of view - independent of it’s physical location. As Roon doesn’t write anything to the library, you should be able to save it without problems. Use the method that best suites your needs:

  • scheduled, folder based backup with a suitable backup program
  • use script based copy instructions (your OS maybe has a scheduler to automate the process)
    Please use Google to search for examples.
  • when you add new files to the library also copy them to your backup location (shouldn’t be that often)

Hello @Stephen_Meyers,

I would not do a “live backup” of the Roon database location but instead have regularly scheduled backups set from within Roon and then have the backup location added to your backup software as Blackjack previously mentioned.

Since Roon does not back up your music files, you would need to do this step through the backup manager (also as noted). If you go ahead and exclude the Roon Database Location from the backup software and instead point the software to the location where you make Roon backups instead, do you still get any errors?

If so what kind of errors are they? Can you share a few screenshots? You can use these instructions to upload screenshots to this Community website.


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Thanks for the response. The problem is not the Roon database backups, it is backing up my music files. I have set up scheduled backups of the Roon database from within Roon to two different external drives as indicated in prior threads.

I am confused. You mention backing up my music files “through the backup manager.” Are you speaking about the backup function within Roon or the backup software I’ve been using which has nothing to do with Roon? I had been doing backups of my music files from two different computers, the MacMini that serves as the Roon Core, and an iMac on the same network. Each uses different backup software. Each has generated errors when attempting to backup my music files while Roon software is operating on my Core.

I will make sure the Roon database is being backed up to a location other than the folder in which my music files are located. If not, I will change the location of the database backup to a different folder. If I get errors when backing up, I will take screenshots of the error messages and logs from the backup software and upload them to the Community website per your recommendation.

Many thanks.

Hi @Stephen_Meyers,

Roon cannot backup your music files by itself so I was referring to your Backup software outside of Roon. I would suggest you go ahead with the changes you noted and move the backup location elsewhere and if you are presented with errors when backup up the music files themselves do share a screenshot to clarify the error state.


Will do. Thx.

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