Problems copying iTunes, big sur, to roon core music server

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iMac ‘ big sur

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Antipodes audio DX ,

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Description Of Issue

Before big sur update music was iTunes and I would copy paste from my iTunes library on my iMac to a flac alias folder set up on my desktop , that was my root music directory on my DX. That worked great. Then I updated to big sure where certain functions have changed and lost the ability to copy past my iTunes to my DX. And my DX can’t read the mp4 files that are transferred. They are un highlighted and little red apple notes, mp4 , while everything that is readable is highlighted and black little apple notes also mp4.
Evidently something to do with no XML file conversion?
So does anyone still use iTunes or Apple Music and transfer songs to a HD on a server using big sur and how did you do it. I tried the smp read iTunes in roon settings thing but that didn’t change anything. Any examples of modifying iTunes preferences to accomplish this doesn’t take into consideration big sur interface with Apple Music is now different, the options don’t look the same.

Hey @Robert_Leavitt,

Thanks so much for reaching out about this and sorry for the delay in getting back to you :pleading_face:

I was wondering if this is still ongoing - are you still unable to add music to the watched folder in Roon? If so, could you please let us know the exact format of the tracks? Is it protected? Also, does it show up in Skipped Files:

Thanks in advance :pray:

yup as i suspected audio file not supported. M4a files. maybe apple music changed? or should i change the download format. realize i haven’t changed ny settings and things worked fine for years. course i went to a different site and downloaded hi res flac and imported just fine, so there is that.