Problems copying music files

I have around 400,000 tracks in two folders, an iTunes folder and another one for albums in high res format. I installed a 4 tb Samsung SSD inside the nucleus+ and started copying the iTunes folder the system stated would take 20 days to complete. Now after a couple of days there’s a message saying “The finder can’t complete the operation because some data in “Love is you.m4a” can’t be read or written. (Error code -36)”. Does anyone know what I should do? Should I merely try and find this particular file, delete it and start again, knowing that this issue will probably come back again? On my Mac I use carbon copy pro for backing and copying files, does anyone know if it’s possible for me to use this program to copy my music files to the ssd using the USB on the nucleus?

I raised a support ticket with the backup system SuperDuper! as I was getting a disk full error when trying to create a backup but it was actually a file that would not read.

I got error -36 when trying to copy the file using Finder and it was actually a data CRC error reading the file. My iMac was on the list for HDD recall so I got the drive replaced under warranty, but I was suffering from data errors reading some file from my hard drive, so I think you need to run the “Console” app and look at the output when you try and copy the “Love is you.m4a” file to see if you are suffering from the same issue :anguished:

I hope it’s not a disk error, but that’s the first thing to check :+1:

Thanks Blinky,

I managed to copy all the music files and the Roon Database to another USB drive and now I’m planning to copy from that drive plugged into the Nucleus to the SSD.

Glad you’re sorted… enjoy

Except I don’t think he is. We’re not out of the woods yet.

I just hope he formatted his SSD within the ROCK interface before he copied over his music! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the ideas, I just found out that files can’t be copied from the USB directly plugged into the Nucleus. It seems the only way is via my macbook using the network.

Thanks Geoff, I did :slight_smile: