Problems encountered with Build 29

Server (Core): Mac Mini, 8GB RAM, 1TB Harddisk
Client (Remote): Win8 Tablet, 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD
Core & Remote updated to latest Build 29
Tidal Hifi Subscription

Problems encountered:

  1. Crash upon first run after installation.
  2. Tidal connection/logon issue. Still has tidal: logon_error
  3. Remote connection lost, keep searching for server
  4. After a few restart from first installation, Tidal finally run but when switching to another audio output, Tidal won’t run anymore. No matter what I do (changing back to same audio input that was working before, restart Roon server, client, etc.), encountering Tidal logon error and Tidal info won’t display anymore.
  5. I remove all the cache contents, reinstall Roon again, Tidal working fine again.
  6. Roon Remote changing of audio output can also caused Roon Core to crash, too.

Below is one of the error page captured.