Problems filtering my albums

Hi. I wonder if anyone has any ideas about how to solve this problem for me, I hate to strike a negative tone because I really like Roon and very much enjoy using it. But I am often disappointed to find I often cannot do the simplest things. The latest was that I just simply wanted to see a view of all the violin concertos I have in my library.

I tried filter and that did bring up many but only if violin or concerto are in the album title. I tried focus and can certainly focus on concerto but not instrument which is a tag I have in my albums. So I tried composition and form contains concerto but the instrumentation column contains very little, and certainly no violin entries, even though I’m pretty sure every violin concerto album I have has been identified successfully by Roon.

So I still cannot find a way to pull up this simple list! Any ideas? Am I missing something?

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Make it a Tag in Roon you can focus on. Take a read of Roon’s Tag functions.

Thanks Daniel for your reply. Yes I use tags and found them useful for collecting albums together when bookmarks become tricky but tags are manual unlike bookmarks so I need to remember to add albums that match or then I lose them. This is happening for me now so I was just trying to gather up ones I missed and this was a good example. I found I couldn’t find them all. I’m sure my library is small in comparison to many on these forums but with nearly 2000 albums it’s a lot to scroll through looking for ones I’ve missed. But it sounds like that’s the way and just try to remember to add new ones to the tags.

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Why aren’t they working on this issue? In classical music, tags for instruments and performance styles are essential. It’s difficult to cover them with genres alone.

Have you tried the Composition view, leave the Composer Blank and make Composition = “Violin Concerto”

You can then add in a Composer to filter the list

Thank you.
However, Compositions also does not meet my requirements.
It only filters whether the title of the piece contains “Violin Concerto” or not.
The functionality that should be there is to filter for “Violin Concerto” by Form = “Concerto” + Instrumentation = “Violin”.
Unfortunately, there is no “Violin” or “Piano” in Instrumentation.

Yep unfortunately classical music has always been the poor relation , starting at the record label metadata.

Even if Roon did what you want it would depend on the original metadata available to Roon from either AllMusic or MusicBrainz.

I have been asking for improved handling of box sets for years , I keep all my really big ones in JRiver so that I can design/define views that allow me to search easily

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