Problems finding artists and albums in Roon


Aim rather new to Roon and I have a few issues finding some of my music in Roon.
I have used the Logitech LMS before and have about 5000 albums on a network drive.
I run Roon core on a multimedia pc. I find most music with a few exceptions. Like the Audiophile recordings from ALR Jordan speaker company. I search on artists, ARL Jordan, song names etc. All i can think of but no. Still i find the “artist” and albums in my Lumin app and Ipeng. What do i do wrong? The tags are correct according to what i see in my tag scanner and in my other apps.
Here are the folder and one of the records not found. Can anyone help please?

Olof Lilja

Ps. I have also have some issues that the Roon app is rather unstable on my iPad Air (crashes a lot). Something that will improve?

Check to see if Roon imported the tracks as separate albums. It happens sometimes with compilations.

Hi Rugby

Well aim not sure if that is what happened. I did not manage to find either the songs or artists when searching. What I then did was to change import settings to using my artist and my album tags as preferred tags and re scanned. Now all is visible. Even though there was only a very few records rejected at first import after changing the import settings a lot more records and artists are visible. So problem solved by i do not really understand what happened.