Problems importing files/ songs from a QNAP folder

Roon Core Machine

NAS Model name QNAP TVS-EC880
CPU Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1246 v3 , up to 3500 MHz (4 cores, 8 threads)
Total memory 32 GB (30 GB usable)
Firmware version Build 20211221

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connect via wired CAT6 to a Cisco SG-250 switch.

Connected Audio Devices

Marantz AV8805A
KEF LS50 Wireless II
Windows 11 PC

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

I am trying to move all my CD collection to QNAP. I am using dBpoweramp to convert the CDs to FLAC (Uncompressed) and DSD512. I am saving all files to a folder inside a QNAP which is accessibly to the network. I can see the file just fine. But from some reason when I add the folder to my Roon storage, nothing comes up for more than 48 hours. I tried removing and re-adding the master folder containing on the CD folders, but with no luck. I have always had issues adding folders and songs to Roon. This is super frustrating to say the least.

Here are some screen shots.

I think I figured it out. Not sure why, but when I click on add folder, and use the pre-configured QNAP drive which has a hard drive icon, it never works. When I click on Add network share and manually type the IP address of the QNAP it does work! Not sure why, any ideas?

Support team, any idea why one network drive would work and the other show folders but does not map or find songs?

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