Problems in signal path

Mac Mini OS X System info/Roon 1.8)**
When I play a 24/96 file, the signal path is as follows:

The node 2i is connected directly to my Meridian D6000 digital speakers which accept a 96/24 digital coax signal.

My question is:

Why it the signal going through bit depth and sample rate conversions? This degrades the signal.

Because you have it hooked up using the airplay protocol which has a max of 44 16. Look in roon settings, audio for the 2i with RAAT connection.

is there a way by which you can hide the airplay access leaving google cast and raat only?

No there isn’t.

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to change the audio output for the 2i. I have tried going into settings/audio on Roon, but I don’t see a way of changing from the current output of the 2i as airplay to whatever it should be. I would appreciate any detailed help you could give me.
Thanks in advance.

Post screenshots of the settings audio.

I have managed to sort it out. Thanks.

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Hey @John_Veale, thanks so much for posting about this and engaging with our community to find a fix. Glad it worked!

@ged_hickman1 thanks for your help. We’re grateful :blush:

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