Problems logging into the Roon Community Forum

I have absolutely no problems with Roon itself. Since the latest update, I have had no issues whatsoever. It works like a dream.

However over the past few days, I have had significant problems trying to log into the Roon Labs Community Forum. This is a problem I have not experienced up until the last week or so.

The initial page displays immediately, but when I try to enter my login id and password, the login process appears to freeze, and I regularly get a message stating “Service not available”. Over the past few days, I have eventually managed to log in, but only after 4 or 5 failed attempts.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I should add that I log in using a Windows 10 PC and Microsoft Edge browser.

Using various PCs/browsers I have yet to complete a login tonight in the first try.

Ping to server is awesome with no dropped packets.

Same problem here. At 11:53 (09:53Z) I managed to log in again.( i-Mac using Safari browser)

I have sent the staff an e-mail concerning this problem

I had the same issue one day last week (Service not Available). Lasted for awhile then later on it was working again. If I remember correctly I tried from a Windows 7 Desktop and a Windows 10 Laptop with the same results. I thought maybe Roon had an issue somewhere on their end but didn’t see any mention in the forum. Don’t know about last night, my internet service went down around midnight.

@dylan It happened again today, for the last couple hours, finally got in. Is there a limit to how may users can be logged in at once?

Thanks for letting us know! I’ve passed this along to our team to investigate further.

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Earlier today I had the same issue again. I could not get on to update your post so i sent a message to

2 hours later they sent this response:
There were some issues logging in on our Community site (the site was in itself accessible) that are now resolved. You should be able to login now.

Can you get in now?

Obviously you will not see this reply if you haven’t managed to log into the forum.

I have just logged out, and was able to log back in again without any issue or delay. I don’t know if the issue I have encountered for the past few days has been resolved, but I’ll post back in the next few days one way or the other.

No problems logging in today - so I guess it’s possible that the issue has now been resolved.

Received this mail from customer service:

Sorry about the trouble! There was a login issue that prevented logging in on our community site. This has now been resolved and you should be able to login.

No problems logging in since yesterday.

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