Problems moving music to a Roon Nucleus

Hi all

I have a new Roon Nucleus with 4TB SSD installed and initialised. I am trying to move about 1.5 TB of music from my Computer Audio Design CAT. I have the used an Ethernet Cable out of the CAT into a ethernet multi box. The Nucleus also is connected to the multi box and the box is connected to the wall that then runs to a router. What is happening is that the I can ‘see’ all the files - ie their icons - are now in the Roon Nucleus Data File own the SSD drive but not much of the music. However the Roon is saying showing that ADDING MUSIC TO THE LIBRARY AS COMPLETE. And another ‘File Copying’ shows the following message - File Copying (for import) Copying 1/32500. The little wheel is spinning but nothing is happening.

I also can’t seem to get Roon to ‘Add Folders’. When I go to the Storage page I see the Nucleus Internal Storage Icon but nothing else and Add Folder just leads to a blank page. I have used Roon previously on Mac and had no problem setting it to find sources. Now I can’t do that either.

Are you physically moving the files to the nucleus? What client are you using to do so?

Thanks for jumping on this. I’m not sure what you mean by client?

What are you using to move the files. A mac, pc etc…

I use a Mac. I have attempted two methods: 1. Establishing the Nucleus and the CAT as two drives on my desktop and then dragging files from the CAT to the Nucleus drive. This worked for some files but predicted it would take nine days. Although our broadband is very good I had breakdown messages with one or even both CAT and Nucleus saying they’d lost connection. Also I am not able to leave my MacBook grinding away at this, I need it for work.

My second method was to drag files from the CAT to the Nucleus desk top. This worked bur then failed after a few files.

I used Roon before I bought the Nucleus and found I could easily set it up to search out music throughout my network (odd files on Mac, and on wife’s Mac) but can’t do this now. Most significantly I could get the Roon on Mac to ‘see’ my NAS drive back up to the CAT but can’t now.

Any thoughts gratefully received. It feels to me that the Nucleus is not set up correctly but I don’t know what to do…

Hey @Paul_Unwin1

Thank you for getting in touch with your question. We’re bummed to see that you encountered some difficulty with migrating your music to your Nucleus. We’d be happy to help with this.

Can you provide me with an update of where things stand now? Are still having problems or were you able to get your music over successfully?

I’ll be watching for your reply and get back to you as quickly as I can. Thanks!

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