Problems Not Running on Window 10

Core Machine

Roon server is Synology NAS.

Network Details

Audio Devices

Description of Issue

Roon runs well on my laptop.
However, it does not run on the other PC.
Operating system is Windows 10, intel core i7-6700T 2.80GHz
What should I do?

The following is the contents of my log file:

05/01 16:09:30 Info: Starting Roon v1.8 (build 790) stable on windows
05/01 16:09:30 Info: [URI] Checking that FriendlyAppName == Roon
05/01 16:09:30 Info: Registering for URI scheme: Roon, roon
05/01 16:09:30 Info: URI scheme executable path remains "C:\Users\airas\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\Roon.exe" "%1"
05/01 16:09:30 Trace: Checking if we are already running
05/01 16:09:30 Trace: Nope, we are the only one running
05/01 16:09:30 Info: Is 64 bit? True
05/01 16:09:30 Info: Loading broo project: ui.broox
05/01 16:09:31 Trace: [realtime] fetching time from NTP server
05/01 16:09:31 Trace: [realtime] Got time from NTP: 2021-05-01 ?ㅼ쟾 7:09:30 (3828841770623ms)
05/01 16:09:31 Trace: [realtime] Updated clock skew to -00:00:00.4026196 (-402.6196ms)
05/01 16:09:31 Trace: [broo/imagecache] loaded 0 cache entries from C:\Users\airas\AppData\Local\Roon\Cache\brooimages_1\index.db, current: 512mb / 0mb
05/01 16:09:31 Trace: [orbit] init seq=0, pending=0, spcount=7, uidcount=1
05/01 16:09:31 Info: [broker] starting 97ac6dc9-c5b3-47bf-a7d9-5b379d955d15
05/01 16:09:31 Trace: [httpcache] loaded 0 cache entries from C:\Users\airas\AppData\Local\Roon\Cache\httpcache_2.db, current: 0mb / 128mb
05/01 16:09:31 Debug: looking for *_old files in: C:\Users\airas\AppData\Local\Roon\Application
05/01 16:09:31 Debug: looking for old numerical version dirs in: C:\Users\airas\AppData\Local\Roon\Application
05/01 16:09:31 Info: [broker/locations] adding storage location: Internet:Name=Internet Media:Id=e268f098-04c4-4e65-af3f-38ba3c3fcecb
05/01 16:09:31 Info: [broker/locations] media availability: Internet:Name=Internet Media:Id=e268f098-04c4-4e65-af3f-38ba3c3fcecb is online
05/01 16:09:31 Info: [broker/locations] adding storage location: MetadataService:Name=Metadata Service:Id=13769258-b70b-4243-b1d6-bd46e8257ba8
05/01 16:09:31 Info: [broker/locations] media availability: MetadataService:Name=Metadata Service:Id=13769258-b70b-4243-b1d6-bd46e8257ba8 is online
05/01 16:09:31 Info: [broker/locations] adding storage location: Offline:Name=Offline:Id=f1e4b43f-f643-47ba-b875-fd93b32a6006
05/01 16:09:33 Info: [stats] 4873mb Virtual, 58mb Physical, 2mb Managed, 714 Handles, 31 Threads

Can you supply more details on this, in what way does Roon not run on your PC?

I suspect it’s a graphics card driver issue, so whilst way for Roon support, I would recommend going to the GPU manufacturer’s set and downloading / installing their latest driver.

Don’t use the Windows update site as that’s often out of date.

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Hello @int_ash,

Thank you for choosing to let us know about this - I am so sorry we failed to reply in a reasonable time. It’s been too long :pleading_face:

Is this still an issue you’re facing? Did you get a chance to try @Carl’s great suggestion (thanks @Carl :pray: )?