Problems ripping cd's

Core Machine (Win 10 64 bit/Pentium 1.5Ghz/ roon 1.7 (571)


Just come off the 14 day trial and have installed a CD room on the unit so that I could rip cd’s (i.e. I have read online that this was possible when using the more recent versions of roon - Roon OS CD rom).

Win 10 recognizes the drive and plays the cd’s, but with roon, nothing happens.

Other things that may be worth mentioning:

  • I have also noticed that I have a banner on the top day says “… 0 days left”

  • I’m new to roon :slight_smile:

To rip CDs thru Roon, you need either a Roon Nucleus or to be running ROCK.

BTW - How is Roon running for you. Your Core machine seems a little under-spec.


Thank you for the reply!

I’m surprised with the reply, since I had assumed that the CORE would do everything.

One further question… what is “ROCK”?

Thank youuuu

ROCK Is a free Roon supplied OS.

It can be installed on many machines, but preferably on an Intel NUC.

It will wipe out any pre-existing OS, so it can’t be used in conjunction with your WIN10 Core.

Its sole purpose is to run Roon, so once it’s installed on a machine, that’s all that machine can do.

Thank you for your help.

From what you are saying, it’s easier to find something else to do the ripping…

Many people, myself included, use dBpoweramp.

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That’s probably my route as well.

Shame that Roon does not cater for this…

Hi @Rui_P,

As @xxx mentioned, ripping CDs is only supported in Roon for ROCK and Nucleus products, so if you have a Windows PC, you’ll want to use another program to perform the ripping. Hope this helps!

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New Roon users generally start out with the core running on whatever machine they have during the trail. I started out using my desktop and used dbpoweramp for ripping as Slim and Noris mentioned.

If you continue with Roon and get more involved you may decide to go the dedicated music server route (NUC?/ROCK or Nucleus or Nucleus Plus). All the software is provided for and updated by Roon. You won’t need to worry about other vender software updates causing unexpected issues.

Rock is the Roon Optimized Core Kit and includes a Roon customized Linux OS with the Core/Server software. Nuc/Rock is a DYI server version and Nucleus or Nucleus Plus is a turn key server provided by Roon. With the Roon OS you will have the option of using a USB attached drive to rip with.

Welcome to the forum.


Thank you for your reply and explantions.


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Well, I don’t think you are missing out on much. Roon’s ripping software does not present the ripped albums in a human comfortable form. I think you are better off using dBpoweramp which gives you more control and a heck of a lot more options along with proper naming and some basic metadata.

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