Problems selecting multi-channel setup

I successfully converted one of my multi-channel SACDs to 5.1 Flac (24-bit/88 kHz) as well as 5.1 DSF. I was quite enthusiastic with the DSF 2-channel stream via my Pioneer LX 89 Receiver (built-in DAC via USB connect). Configuration: connected my Mac Mini via USB directly to the Pioneer LX 89 receiver. By whatever reason I aren’t able to select “5.1” in channel setup of the beloved ROON software under the device section of my Pioneer USB Dac - setting. Any idea what I can do?

I know that the build-in Pioneer USB DAC is able to handle multi-channel streams …

Thanks in advance for any hint!

How did you arrive at the conclusion that the Pioneer SC-LX89 USB Type B input supports multichannel? Presently, multichannel support for USB Type B direct connection to a computer/server is rare. And Pioneer documentation long has indicated that its USB Type B input is limited to two channel.


I just assumed this :-(.