Problems setting REW to measure system

Hii all. I’m having difficulty getting REW up and running. Thought some of you might have some advice. Here’s what is up:

  1. Using UMIK-1 microphone. Had no problem linking its calibration file into REW.

  2. I am using a miniDSP UDIO-8 device to link three Musical Fidelity V-90 DACs together as a single multichannel DAC. The UDIO-8 is USB-connected to my Roon server. The V-90 DAC outputs are connected to the 7.1 analog inputs of my Marantz AV-7702 preamp/processor. This set of inputs bypasses the Audyssey sound correction built into the Marantz, which is of course what we want here. The DAC plays out through my system so I know I have it hooked up properly.

  3. On REW soundcard page, I have ASIO selected as the driver (which is what the mini-DSP UDIO-8 unit supports) and sample rate at 192 kHz. ASIO Device is miniDSP ASIO Driver. Output is 1: I2S Ch 1, which is the same as Input and Timing Reference Output. (Note — there is available I2S through Ch 8.).

  4. Using either main speakers or subwoofer to check/set signal levels shows -99.0 dBFS on Out meter and -487.7 on In meter — but no sound out of my speakers.

  5. Going to Tools/Generator and playing Pink Noise, Full Range, Output 1: I2S Ch 1 and RMS Level dBFS of -12.0 produces no sound out of my speakers.

Thoughts on what I am doing wrong here? Thanks. JCR

Hi Jeffrey,
I might be wrong but as far as I remember REW does not support such a high sampling rate, try 48k or 96k.

Before I forget, I would suggest that you check out the MiniDSP application note REW, ASIO and UMIK.
This mentions an HDMI device instead of USB but the principle is the same. It is the only way of specifying both an output device and input microphone under the same driver that you will need to complete a measurement.

Now, as to the lack of sound, clearly there are a lot of connections, both software and hardware.

Forgive me but let’s start with the simple checks.
You have stated that the DACs are proven to be correctly connected to the Marantz.
What about the UDIO8 to the DACs?. a Tascam type snake cable with 8 input and 8 output cables is provided for that. Can you check the cable colours that are connected to the DACs. All correct?
Also, you haven’t specified if the connection is AES or SPDIF.

You haven’t mentioned if you are using a Windows or Mac, although the manual install instructions look comprehensive enough to suggest you will have installed correctly.

The REW setup seems fine and the testing you have done appears to be right.

Sorry, but perhaps I’ve not been much help.

Btw - the MiniDSP forum is well worth visiting should Roon members not be able to help

With ASIO, REW literature says up to 192 kHz is supported. However, it also says that for acoustical measurements, 48 kHz is fine.

My confusion about these sample rates is that I currently use Audyssey XT32 in my Marantz unit and I understand that it downsamples everything to 48 kHz, defeating the purpose of a 24/192 DAC. Perhaps the filters derived are at 192 for the convolution feature of Roon, regardless of the sample rate of the testing? JCR

I will look into the HDMI v USB issue. Obviously, a UMIK-1 mic is USB only.

UDIO-8 is correctly set up, I am sure, as I can use Roon to listen to multichannel through that endpoint and my test track demonstrates that all channels are functioning and mapped properly.

SPDIF connections from each of the three V-90 DACs to the 7.1 analog inputs on the Marantz.

Yes, running REW on Windows — Server 2016 with Desktop Experience — the same server that runs Roon for me. JCR