Problems starting internet radio station

I have troubles starting the internet stream for german egoFM. I’m using the tunein URL .

The Station starts with no Problem using the bluesound app or over a web browser. But via roon it stopped working 2 weeks ago. Other stations work.

I have been using the station for years via roon. I’m on build 416, using a Windows 10 PC for core and streaming to a Linux Bridge or 2 bluesound pulse speakers.

Maybe someone can give me a hint.


You can try to use one of the official streams provided by the station network.

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These URLs are working.

Great. Thanks!

Hi @Martin_Kogel,

Glad to hear that the official stream URLs are working for you. I marked this case as [Solved] since you are fixed but I have also asked the QA team to take a closer look at that URL to see if anything is strange regarding it. Thanks again for the report!

– Noris

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