Problems streaming over network

Hi, for the last few months I have had problems playing songs on devices attached to my network. Nothing has changed apart from Roon updates. Roon starts playing a song and after about 30 seconds it stutters and stops with the message “Audio file is loading slowly: This may indicate a hardware or performance problem”. The core device (Macbook Pro 2015 16GB RAM, running High Sierra, library on external hard drive) works OK without this problem. All devices on the network (another macbook pro, iphone X) experience this issue.

My home network router is a technicolour TGiiNet-1. It appears to otherwise be working fine, with good internet speeds via wifi.

I am now unable to use Roon as purchased and intended.

Please advise.

You need @support in the message body, having it in the subject title does not tag them, so that done for you

I would seriously look at your wifi capabilities as a place to start…Support will want more info too.

Thanks for sharing your report with us, @BobBDazzla.

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating. Is there any other networking hardware in use? Are all devices, including the Core, connected by WiFi?

Just to verify, non-network devices play just fine, correct?

Does this occur with TIDAL content, local content, or both?

As wizardofoz mentioned above, it would definitely be great to know if the same behavior occurs with the Core machine and the networked endpoint connected via Ethernet.


Thanks wizard!

Hi Dylan, streaming seems to be working OK again, but I don’t understand what was causing the problem as nothing has changed with my set-up.
Like I said:
Core is a 2015 MacBook Pro (top spec) running latest OSX with library on an external hard drive connected via USB 3.
Streaming over home wifi network to other notebooks, iOS devices and Apple TV via router.
No change to configuration. I guess I’ll monitor the situation and report again if the streaming problem recurs.