Problems to add Live radio stations

Trying to add live radio stations, but not working. Example Radio Zu (

Station doesnt offer direct stream links, but uses m3u playlist ( and is in TuneIn. (Radio ZU, 89.0 FM, Sud-Est, Romania | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn)

Followed the guide to import a TuenIn Station, Roon catches all infos and Logo etc, but no music, error message “file not found”. Tried various other TuneIn statrions, but none is working, even the example in the guide (KCRW), although with different error messages.

Importing the m3u playlist in every tried media player works fine, but didnt find a way to import it into Roon.

Any idea how to add Radio Zu to Roon?

Hmm, something’s not right somewhere. I also couldn’t add Zu, nor another I tried. Yesterday there was a similar problem with another poster. I will explore further and inform Roon.

In the meantime, I have added Radio Zu to the database.

The problem was that the link was to a chunked HLS stream. Roon can’t deal with these at the moment.

What were the other stations you were having trouble with? I would like to explore further, and anyway I may be able to add via alternative streams.