Problems trying to use old PC and iPad hardware

I’ve just hit a few problems trying to setup my ROCK based Roon system at work. ROCK is running fine on the new Intel i7 NUC.

I decided to resurrect an old Acer EeePC netbook running Windows 7 to use as a Roon control and to copy files onto the music library USB drive on the ROCK. Roon won’t run because the netbook doesn’t support OpenGL. Bugger!

So I then moved to the Apple iPad 32GB model MD514X/A I was planning to use as the main Control device with this system. It’s running iOS 10.3.3 as its up-to-date OS. Roon won’t install because it needs iOS 11. Bugger!

Time for a rethink. Or can someone suggest some workarounds?

Unfortunately, workarounds are unlikely for both. The EeePC is probably an Atom based netbook so won’t be up to much these days and the 4th generation iPad is 32 bit IIRC.

So, you need something newer. Maybe a used i5 laptop for core and control?

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