Problems updating existing tracks

Try this: replace tracks in your existing library with new tracks. For example, you downloaded or ripped replacements from HD Tracks or CD, replacing MP3 or AAC versions, and then re-start Roon.

Whenever I do this, the new tracks don’t show up in Roon and, sometimes, Roon remembers the old version. When you try to play it back, Roon complains about a corrupted file.

This is 100% repeatable.

A work-around: remove the album from Roon’s watched folder; restart Roon; stop Roon; add the album folder back into the watched folder.

A feature enabling the user to prompt Roon to re-analyse particular albums or tracks might be one way to handle this. In the meantime, very useful workaround @Krutsch, thankyou.

How exactly are you replacing these files?
Copy/paste and overwrite into the same album folders or are you adding a new album folder?

Overwrite. As in: ripping a CD in iTunes and replacing the existing AAC version.

Hey @Krutsch – sorry for the trouble. That sounds like a real pain.

We should be picking up the changes automatically, but there are some cases where we know of where it’s not working quite as well as we’d like. We’re working on it, and will also include some features like this in our upcoming 1.1 release:

For now, can you let me know whether you’re on OSX or Windows, and what kind of storage device you’re using where the changes aren’t being picked up. Also, can you confirm whether Roon is running on the same computer doing the ripping?


Mac OS with files on a large USB thumb drive. Roon is not running while updating files.

Thanks for the report @Krutsch – we’re going to try and reproduce this in-house, and we’ll let you know if we have any issues triggering this issue.