Problems Updating


Have been manually updating my three RoPieee systems for some time and decided to update them all over the weekend. All three systems use a Pi 3 B+ over 5G WiFi. I had some problems. I’ve rebooted my Core and all of the endpoints multiple times.

The Pi with a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT updated to 337 and is working fine.

The Pi that I use as a display only updated to 337 and is accessible via the web but the display has been showing “*** Welcome to RoPieee! ***” since the last reboot. It does not show up on the Extensions tab in Roon’s Settings. Feedback is 8cd762841401e5c8

The Pi with a DragonFly Red USB DAC has several problems. On Friday it updated to 315 from 251. On Saturday morning it displayed a message saying an update was available and I started the update around 11:00 my time. It is accessible via the web and has been displaying a message that it is updating for almost 48 hours. The DR Red DAC does not show up on Roon’s Settings / Audio tab but the Pi does show up on the Extensions tab. I can’t send feedback since the web interface is stuck on the updating message:

I know I will have to reboot it eventually but I can try using SSH if you want me to try any commands.

Thanks … Tim

pooh… let’s start with the display version.

That one seems really borked. It has been rebooted while updating (specifically constructing the ramdisk) so that’s rather painful. I’m not sure if we can get it recover from that.

Only we thing we can try is to update it (forced) manually:

yes | pacman -Syu ropieee

and reboot after that.

On a side-note (and unfortunately too little too late): I’ll make a change that makes it impossible to reboot or shutdown from the webui while an update is still running.

Just executed command. So far a couple of errors:

could not open file qt5-quickcontrols2-ropieee-5.12.3-1/desc install continued
31-ropiee_network_wireless failed but still reachable via WiFi
repeat could not open desc file

has been stuck on configure [95-ropieee_update_version_info] for almost 10 minutes

accessible via web browser - displays device is being configured message


yep. That’s what I was afraid of :frowning:
The filesystem is borked, so the only solution is a reflash.

Will do … Thanks for trying … Tim

Back up and running. Everything seems fine. Feedback a35cfb8c8d042695

I did notice one thing when switching from wired to wireless. I use Netgear’s ORBI system and the Pi appeared to see both the router and the satellite so the SSID I wanted to use showed up twice. I’m assuming one instance has a better signal but I just had to pick one. It would be great if you could display something to help choose the best option.

Should I just go ahead and flash the other Pi that has been displaying the updating message since 11:00 Saturday morning?


Yeah please reboot and see what’s happening.

Rebooted and it stopped after the Welcome to RoPieee message just like the display only instance. I tried the pacman command and I got 5 or 6 failures saying database could not be locked. I can access the web ui but the Dr Red connected to the USB port is not seen by Roon.

I’ll flash it and see what happens.