Problems viewing Roon on Android tablet

Hi crew. Bought myself an 11.6 inch, cheap DigiLand Android tablet for dedicated Roon use. Has 1366X768 resolution. I get the error that the screen doesn’t have enough resolution for Roon. Sure, I can use Splashtop to remote from the tablet to my desktop Roon app, but that is rather cludgy even though Roon is reproduced well. Any suggestions of how to work with my new tablet for Roon? Thanks. JCR

iHmm. the issue is the tablets 768 pixels. Recommended Tablets start at 1920 X 1080 base resolution. Not being flippant, but I’d change it for a tablet with better resolution.

But still, you might look and see if there is any scaling turned on, sometimes under Display Font there might be a size slider, try setting that to the smallest settings.