Problems with audio streaming

Sorry as now i am not facing problems with ssd but audio streaming.

  1. Roon nucleus up and running with internal ssd as Music folder. It is connected with ethernet network cable to my Orbi Pro SRR60 netgear router.

  2. Bower wilkins formation duo, roon Ready are my end point. Those are on my wifi network, very good connection. I have 3 orbi Pro satellites SRS60.

  3. I have a Bower wilkins formation audio too.

  4. In Bower home app on my iOS iPad both formation duo loudspeakers and formation audio are in the same zone.

  5. Roon app running on my iOS iPad shows in audio settings my Bower wilkins formation duo and formation audio.

  6. I enable formation duo loudspeakers and chose them to stream/play to from roon app on my iPad.

  7. It seems as a choosen song from my Music folder on roon is playing, but no Sound comes out to my formation loudspeakers.
    When i chose the signal path i can see that it should stream through AirPlay.
    But When i chose AirPlay streaming from my iOS iPad Pro 12,9’’, 3 gen on iOS 13.4.1 it fails and comes with AirPlay error. The same happens on my iphone xs max too.

8.I have rebooted nucleus and erstattes roon software, and restarted my Bower wilkins loudspeakers with no resultat.
No sounds comes out even as it seams that streaming is taking place in roon.

  1. Do i have to use AirPlay to stream from roon to Bower wilkins roon Ready loudspeakers. Or is it RAAT that handels the streaming?

Please help.
Thank You very much in advance.

As i am not sure is play streaming is taking place a try to attach a screen record. The indicator of play in the bottom is not advancing (0 sec on the play bar of 4:53)

Everything Works now.
Thank You very much for your help

Please help.

If the end point is Roon Ready you should use RAAT and not Airplay. The BW speaker should show up under Roon Ready in the audio devices. Disable the Airplay zone first before enabling the Room Ready zone.

If that means that they are grouped together in the B&W app, then try to un-group them. Use Roon zone grouping to group them for Roon Ready devices.

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Thank You very much for your time and help.

Everything is working fine now.

Hello @Frederik_Taso_Likaj, that’s great news! Let us know if you need any help in the future.