Problems With Backing Up Roon

I am having trouble backing up Roon to both a remote hard drive connected to a Mac Mini running MacOs 10.12.16. I am getting the following error messages. Any help will be appreciated.


I should add that I am also having problems with backing up to Dropbox. The second screen shot in my original post is what I am seeing when I attempt to back up to a remote hard drive. The screen shot below is what I see when I attempt a back up to Dropbox. Sorry for any confusion on the first post.

Hi @Rob_Stone ----- Thank you for the report and sharing your feedback with us. Both are appreciated!

Moving forward, to help aide in my understanding of this behavior you’re experiencing, may I very kindly ask you to please provide me with the following:

  • A brief but accurate description of your current setup, using this link as a guide.

  • My assumption to this question, is “yes”, but please confirm that you have a sufficient amount of space in both storage locations where the backups are being saved.