Problems with compositions

Hi @support,

I am currently digging through my library to get certain things rated, corrected, adjusted and so on. On various occasions I experience problems with compositions related to non-classical music.

Here is an expample:

The tracks “Antique Doll” and “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night” show up as compositions on two different compilations (as you can see below)

On both compilations the “Go To Composition” menu is available if I edit the corresponding track.

I also own an album by “The Electric Prunes” containing both of those tracks. The album is identified properly.

As you can see the track “I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night” has no composition menu.

Also the track “Antique Doll” has no composition menu although I added the three composers manually.

The composition feature is working for so many tracks in my library but the more I am digging the more problems I am having. To get all the compositions correctly merged together is very important and useful thing for me.

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong and/or do not understand the composition feature correctly.

Any help or advice is highly apprechiated.

I’m afraid you have come across a long standing bug in Roon whereby if an album is identified, but has some tracks with missing composers, adding a composer to such tracks does not produce a composition. Roon is aware and will come up with a solution in due course. See

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Thanks for clarifying @BrianW

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