Problems with favourite album

I’ve got 3 versions of this album:

As you can see the DSD 64 is marked favourite, but it does not show in my favourite albums.
Have noticed this elswhere, when i have more than 1 version of an album.
How can that be?

Hey @Peter_Leinslie,

Welcome back to Community, it’s been a while! Would you mind posting a screenshot to clarify where you’re expecting to see the missing favorite album icon? Thanks!

I have 3 versions of this album:

The first one is a favourite

It does not show in my favourite albums:

I have several examples of this problem.

I suspect it has something to do with dsf albums, with other versions, not dfs, in my library.

Hey @Peter_Leinslie,

I notice in the screenshot that you posted your favorites are further focused to DSD and Qobuz. However, it appears that The Band’s Last Waltz is in your local music files - not Qobuz.

If you try browsing favorites without focusing on Qobuz do these albums appear?

I’m not focusing on qobus or dfs, they are red i.e. Not active.

Ah, you’re right @Peter_Leinslie - thank you for the correction there. Sometimes I get a little glazed over when looking for fixes and miss those details.

One thing you could consider doing to facilitate this is moving all of your DSD local music to a separate watched folder that you can name DSD.

Then when you want to see just your DSD collection you’ll Focus your library by Storage Location>DSD. From there you can create a bookmark to make accessing them even faster.

When you add albums to the DSD folder they’ll automatically be displayed when using the bookmark tab, no more need to favorite albums individually.

Looks to me like Jamie was on the right track (just the wrong option).


What this means is: Show me my favorite albums that are not in DSD format or from Qobuz.

Because you explicitly asked for it (no DSD albums and no albums from Qobuz). The non-DSD versions of the album are not marked as favorites and, if Roon still uses its default settings, possibly hidden anyway.


Ok, I get it.

Hi @Peter_Leinslie,

Did @BlackJack’s suggestions put you on the right track for using Focus to find your DSD favorites?

Thank you for your help @BlackJack!