Problems with folder name beginning with "..."

I store my music in the music folder withe following path “music\Artist name\Album name”.
Today I was looking for Queen of the stone Age album …Like Clockwork, an album I did’t listen since I have Roon but I couldn’t find it in Roon.
I checked the music folder and it was there; after some testing i found that the problem is that Roon doesn’t see the files in folder beginning with …; same happened with other albums (es. Metallica …And Justice For All, Foxygen …And Star power)

Is it possible to fix this bug in the future releases?



Unfortunately, it’s not. This is an operating system convention we need to follow, so you’ll want to rename these folders.

More information here:’t_showing_up_in_Roon

Thank you for your answer.
I thought it was possible because with previous softwares I used (for example Jriver) I had no problems with those folders.
Anyway I’ll rename these folders…

I actually may have spoke too soon here :blush: Sorry about that!

We are making some of these rules more flexible in 1.3, so depending on your Core operating system, you should be able to import these folders once that goes live.

It will go live when it’s ready :slight_smile:

So I’ll wait and see!
Thank you again!