Problems with latest build 1223:

exaSound Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

No VPN, ethernet connection to core from Telus T3200 gateway

Connected Audio Devices

iphone 7 >streaming radio> exasound

Number of Tracks in Library

Is there a quick way to view how many tracks I have? There are 263 albums…

Description of Issue

I have had to reboot the core 3 times since update 1223 received yesterday, lots of spinning (collapsing) roon logo, streaming radio station shown in picture above not connecting- this is more than I have had in the past year (last time about 7:30 pst this morning (24 minutes ago) screenshots above; I’ll see if they show up after hitting the create topic button

It says so on Home at the top and in My Library > Tracks (edit: nope, not on Tracks), but precise number is not necessary, 263 albums gives us an idea. This is mostly about knowing if someone has a million tracks or none

Your second screenshot shows that the Core is on build 1223 but your remote is on build 1211. Try updating it from the Apple App Store / Google Play Store of your phone, maybe it helps once it is up to date

Here is what I see on home page, and tracks:

I was wrong about Tracks both on phone and PC, but this is Home from my phone and I think it was always like that. However, I am on earlyaccess releases so can’t say if anything went wrong in the production release you have now (which is slightly newer at this time)

Youre right, there was an update to be had. This iphone has automatic downloads for app updates, it should do this on its own, shouldn’t it?

It should have automatic app updates if you didn’t turn it off but (1) Roon does not have control over when the update appears in the app store, so occasionally it can appear after the Core update (where Roon has control), and (2) the phone updates on a schedule (I dunno, every x hours) and so the update will not be autoinstalled in the moment it appears, but can be manually triggered to update.

In any case, the remote and Core versions should normally be the same after all updates are installed, so that’s always a good way to check. You can also find the expected versions always in that latest post in #roon:software-release-notes

Ok good to know. I suppose going forward after updating build on core checking app store for device updates. Hopefully this works better.
thank you for the quick response.

edit: Well the phone is up to build 1219, which is not quite the core build of 1223, but it is closer :slight_smile:

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I’m glad it’s sorted.

Build 1219 is the current version for iOS. :+1:

Sometimes there is a difference in the build numbers.


Thanks for correction

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Hi @Watts ,

Are you still having issues? I enabled diagnostics for your account and I noticed a few crashes, but the reason for them is not particularly clear. It does look like after the last crash, Roon is working as expected though. Have you rebooted your Core and DAC recently? A reboot might help clear up any lingering issues if so.

Working perfectly today. Gremlins have left the premises and gone somewhere else. Thanks for checking.

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