Problems with Metadata for La Navarraise

I have the Horne/Domingo RCA recording of Massenet’s short opera, La Navarraise. Unfortunately, roon provides a mess in the way of metadata. While it gets the performers correct, it titles each and every track “La navarraise, lyric episode in 2 acts” which is also the title it gives to the whole recording. I assume that’s because allmusic has that title for every track. But the track files do contain correct title data (verified in mp3tag and in Windows Explorer), but even when I ask roon to use the file data, it doesn’t. roon even gives this incorrect same track title for the Tidal version of the album, even though Tidal itself has the correct track titles. Musicbrainz does have the correct titles, even though allmusic does not. My question is why doesn’t roon let me use the file data? When I do Edit -> Re-identify track, roon briefly flashes the correct track titles, but falls immediately back to “lyric episode”. What’s going on? @support I have sent corrections to allmusic, but past experience suggests nothing will happen.

Hi @Stan_Jones,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing here in Roon?


Here is what roon displays for the Horne/Domingo La Navarraise:

In doing this I also noticed that a similar problem exists with the Scotto/Domingo Cavalleria Rusticana where each track has the same title as the over all composition. Interestingly, both the Navarraise and the Cavalleria are in the RCA Opera Treasury series. And predictably, allmusic has it incorrect in exactly the same way as for the Navarraise while both musicbrainz and discogs have the proper track titles. And, again, telling roon to use the file information for track title results in exactly nothing happening.

When Roon has work / movement data (wrong or not) forcing track titles often doesn’t seem to have an effect; probably Roon has some logic built in which ranks movement names over track titles. Sometimes, for me it worked to also set Multi-Part Composition Grouping to file - but by that you may risk to loose the composition identification.

After trying any number of things that might correct the error, I finally got the tracks to have correct titles by the following:

Edit - Identify Album - Select Album - None of these look right - Use basic file information

This worked for both Navarraise and Cavalleria. The correct act structure for Navarraise isn’t there, but I didn’t have that with what roon offered anyway. At least I know the tracks now.

This un-identification of an album should always work – as a last resort. But hopefully the issue will be corrected.

Thanks, @Stan_Jones. We will reach out to our metadata provider about this.