Problems with playing on my Moon 280D "Audio Device Refused to switch input to Roon" [Resolved - New firmware update live]

@Outlaw , I found a way to avoid the errors until we can resolve the fundamental issue…


Since the issue is related to our increased MQA support, I allowed Roon to process the MQA before the DSD conversion…

This way there was no transition from MQA back to realtime-converted DSD, and the queue played through to the end.

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I have similar problem with my Moon 390 since last update of mind module to version 1.13. When it’s playing an MQA file and the next is an DSD file of any kind the 390 stop playing and I have switch it off and on. I get the same solution disable MQA support on the ROON device setup.

I just did a firmware update on my Ayon S-10II (no notice from the manufacturer that there was one of course. I just checked on my own after it started to connect to Roon, dropped, connected for a second (played music from the Roon core, but then stopped playing altogether and back to the same frustrating crap!) But the new update looks promising so far. I’ll see how well it performs this week and keep the group posted. Good luck with those Moon Units! Zappa pun intended. :<)

Just to add to the thread, I’m experiencing the same issue as the other moon owners above with both my 280d and Ace (Audio device refused to switch… etc.).

Samir issue heure with m’y New 390. Whenever i try to plah dsd64 file After a mqa file from tidal, mind2 module stop working ans i have to reboot the unit. When switching from FLAC to dsd, it’s perfectly fine…I Hope next mind firmware will adress the issue

Any word on a fix ?

Same here with my 390.


We’ve made some progress. I’m currently testing a MiND 2 build that doesn’t crash. Instead, when the MiND 2 encounters the bug after playing an MQA file, Roon tries and fails to play DSD, skips a few files, and then pauses. At least now, I can press play and continue listening without having to power cycle the device to regain control.

Updated to 1.14 still issues as outlined in your post.When going from mqa to dsd sometimes will skip files and pause or will go to screen nothing playing

Is this still under investigation,Still issues with 1.14

Although it makes some headway with the Roon MQA-DSD issue, 1.14 was released to fix bugs for other issues. We are continuing to investigate the issue.
Hopefully, we will be ready to include a fix with the release of 1.15 next month.

Thank you very much. Your efforts are most appreciated.

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I wanted to update you guys on the upcoming firmware release for the MiND 2. I have been testing the new firmware for the last few days, and among its many bug fixes, I am confident that this issue is resolved too.
Please check your MiND Controller app occasionally for available updates, and don’t forget to power cycle your device upon completion using the rear rocker switch or by disconnecting the power cable.
Thanks for you patience!

Thank you Eric. Eagerly waiting to upgrade my 390.
When is it to be released?

We’re aiming for the next couple of weeks.

Any more update for new firmware release ?

I had an update on my Moon 390 yesterday when I opened the Mind App - I generally use only Roon. It was no great shakes update - just on 2 of the components but not on the Mind or MQA . It was quick before I could take a screen grab of what was being updated But it has not made any difference even after powering down.
It worked only on the first attempt and subsequently has failed to switch to Roon and requires the usual multi attempts.

Suresh, that was the update from a month ago.

The update you’ve all been waiting for, MiND v2.0 went live today.
If you haven’t already, please launch the MiND Controller app and tap the Settings icon on the Zones (home) page and then select your device. After performing the update and the blue LED stops flashing, please power down the device for a minute using the rear rocker switch or by disconnecting the power cable.
If you have any feedback, please let us know:

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