Problems with QNAP Roon Server, Remotes and Endpoints following house move

Hi guys and @support
I just took my Roon sever on QNAP TS-871 out of storage after 3 months
It’s arrived in Africa with me…
Updated to QPKG 1.3 and all seemed ok

However I can’t open any Roon Remote device \ pc \ mac \ iPhone and load up the service.
I get black screen, spinning wheel or just ‘there was an issue loading your database’

Also none of my old end points (Meridian or Apple TV) are there any more…

I think I’ve updated all software but a bit stuck now


Hi Chris

Try removing the software on the pc, Mac and iPhone and downloading and installing it again.


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Hi Chris

Lots of changes at the same time, did Roon work in your environment before you updated from Roon 1.2 to 1.3?

‘there was an issue loading your database’

This is a biggest worry … did you take a backup of the database before you updated to Roon 1.3?
If so I would suggest restoring it and starting again.

Until the database loading issue is resolved I’m not sure you can move very far with the other issues and I suspect you will need help from @support to do this.

However, in the meantime it’s worth checking some network basics to make sure all is well:

  • Network installation, can you describe it and what is different to the previous setup?
  • Using a network scanner such as the ‘fing’ app are all the devices visible?
  • Before you moved location where the devices all configured to use DHCP to obtain there IP address?
  • If not and you had some devices configured internally to use static IP’s are those configured IP still within the subnet for you new network installation? (If not there will not be visible).

Hi Russ, Carl, greetings from Africa!

Everything arrived safe and sound which was the main worry!!

More testing, if I set up my Lenovo as the main core rather than the qnap, everything works fine. All computers, iPhones, iPad etc all connect perfectly and all end points 861 / ms200 / airport express / iMac are all found immediately and al, work fine.

Fortunate to have Cat 6 throughout in my rental house so hard wired throughout.

So looks like it’s (as you say Carl) an issue with qnap and the database…

There was also a qnap firmware update went through as well so not sure if that hindered. No I didn’t back up as I’m not dure there was backup when I put it on the ship last year! If there was then my bad…

I’m on latest versions of everything now. A friend helped me set up so couldn’t tell you 100% on static ip stuff or not…

Hope your both well


Have you checked Roon App is running proberly on the QNAP?

OK all, while less than ideal, it seems a complete reinstall and delete of database was in order.

I didn’t have that much DB stuff so it’s a bit of starting from scratch so I guess new country and new music collection…

Maybe just 4 months away from updates and connectivity was a bit too much in a fast changing software world, but now very happy :slight_smile:

Just need to MConfig my system now… :frowning: