Problems with Qobuz and QNAP

Last time, i have problems with playing Roon. My setup is an QNAP HS 251+, connected to a Fritz!Box 6490 via ethernet and the Naim ND 5 XS2 ist connected via ethernet to the router too. Several times the music stopped immediately. After a few seconds a restart is possible or sometimes the heavier problem is, that the c
onnection to the core needs more time than usual. A restart of the remote app does not solve the problem. The core needs ca. 1-2 minutes to connect to the streamer and the music will play again. At first my suspicion was, that the problem exist in dependence of higher resolution, for example 192kHz or DSD (there is no dsp in my processing). A restart of the core didn’t solve the problem too. I know, that the QNAP is not the best way to use Roon, but before it runs very fine. Is there anyone, who can help? Thank you and excuse me for the bad english.

There are people who run successfully on a NAS like yours but it’s processor is below the speed that roon recommends as a minimum.
The link is a comparison of your processor against the i3 in a nuc 8.

Thank you for the hint, but it run‘s very fine for several month and so in my opinion there must be an other reason. My suspicion is something about differences when updating the Qnap.

There are also playback issues along with a few other issues with Naims latest firmware which also may be playing a part in your problem. Also Qobuz as a service has had several outages recently that will affect playback. So it might not be Roon solely to blame here.

check this link

please check if you playback issue happens every time on AAC files
if so; check this thread

guide on setting up AAC Play functionality in Roon on Qnap by adding a link pointing to Cayin ffmpeg for AMD based Qnap with QTS v5.0