Problems with qobuz

Roon stops playing qobuz after I randomly played four titles. I restarted the system several times, after I got a new SSD, i also reinstalled Roon and qobuz. Same problem afterwards.
Here pictures of system and problem in Roon.

Network is ok, restarted everything several times, speedtest shows 103 Mb/s and the computer has a wired connection. Roon is installed on the iMac.

No problem with the Qobuz desktop app. And no problems with BluOS players in my system with Qobuz (without using roon).
Thx for helping

What is your internal network make and model.

It’s a Telekom Speedport. All my equipment is wired through ethernet cat 6.

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Hello @Christoph_Hegerl, and thanks for your report! Are you seeing this issue with local content or playback to system output?

Not with local content (another problem that the Apple Music playlist are not existent after resetting the system)
Only with Qobuz streaming.

Hello @Christoph_Hegerl, any issues playing to system output of your mac? Have you tried temporarily lowering your streaming quality under Settings>Services to see if you have this same issue?

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