Problems with RDT and Tidal app. (MQA testing)

Since MQA arrived I started to test it. I’m using RDT to access my computer. As the only way to play MQA is via USB in a PC.

(Yes, I know it may work on Roon, but since i made a test between a 24/48 and a normal Tidal file, same song, and the MQA was horrible, I do not think using Roon for testing MQA at the moment is a good option).

The problem is that I need to keep the remote screen alive oll the time, or Tidal will stop playing after one track.

Anyone else have the same or similar problem. I. Using iPad and W10. But problem same if I use a PC.

Tidal support seems not to get the point. I’ve asked them several times if they are able to reproduce the problem. But they are focused on DNS settings. And like med to use Google DNS.

This problem relates to the app only, as it sees the webplayer works fine, although that is not a useful option, as no MQA present available there.

Might be power options. Up until recently I used hdmi for audio. This involved making sure the monitor didn’t sleep ever. Testing Meridian Explorer2 now. Monitors can now sleep. Right now I’m using headless Mac mini. Not installed roonserver yet. Seems to work fine with standard roon.

RDP is a W10 pro feature and I only have W10 home on my main computer and I don’t have it setup on my W10 Pro machine.

Good luck solving the problem.