Problems with Roon 1.8

Qnap TS 473 - 12 GB
WIN 10 64 Bit 12 GB RA;

Iphon 12
Ipad IOS 14.4 - 8. Generation

hello here are the first problems with Roon 1.8 -

Crash on Iphone and Ipad in settings

very slow loading time of album information and search

there is no alphabet search in “own albums”

all subtitles such as audio, core etc. are missing in the settings via Windows PC

Greetings Ralf

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@Ralf_Weisskirchen Several people are seeing issues with Windows, as for the alphabet search try using the ‘filter’ option, just start typing the name you are looking for.
The iPhone crash workaround seems to be to set the iPhone language to English, this will only be a temporary solution I am sure the Roon team are working on a permanent solution.

Thanks for the tip „Filter“ - works good

Settings works on iPhone 12 with all sub -settings- but not on iPad (crash) and not on Win 10 (no crash but no Settings for example „audio“.)

Loading today is extremely slow - for example -
album information -or Artist

Greeting Ralf

Yes the search is slow today, I wouldn’t worry, give things a day or so to settle down, did you set the iPad language to English, not in Roon but in the iPad settings?
Glad the filter works for you.

The iPad Language setting are not visible today.
Tomorrow evening I had seen the setting…mmhh

Please see info here: