Problems with Roon and Windows 10

I have downloaded and installed Roon on a MacBook, also on an iPad with no difficulties. Today I tried to install it on a Windows 10 machine. No luck. Error message states I need OpenGL 3.0. Says I should update drivers, change video card, or not using a remote desktop solution. There are no updates for this HP machine according to both Windows Update and HP support. I see no desire to change the video card and I do not understand what a remote desktop solution is. The Mac side works fine but I would like to explore the Windows program to see if there are any advantages to using it. I am still on the 2 week trial but this is a little discouraging. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hey @popcorn – we’re aware of some issues with our 1.1 release that relate specifically to Windows 10 and OpenGL.

We’ve already implemented a workaround, and the update containing the fix is in final testing now. It should be live very soon, so keep an eye on the Release Notes sections of the forum.

Try out the new version once it’s live and let me know if you have any more issues, ok? If you’re still having some problems, we can take another look, and add some time onto your trial if this is interfering with your ability to evaluate Roon.

Thanks for the report!

Thank you for your prompt reply. I will keep you posted on my testing. Another issue came up. I mentioned that I have downloaded Roon remote to my iPad mini with no problems. I tried downloading the program to an older iPad(not a mini) and I received the message-not downloadable to this device. I do not even remember the series number of this iPad but it is ‘old’ and somewhat bulky. If this is normal, fine but just in case this is an issue I thought I should mention it.

Hi popcorn,

Sounds like your older iPad may be outside spec. There’s a discussion of what iOS specs are supported and why here:

Cheers !

I could probably write a book for this reply but I will try to be brief. I removed Roon 1.0 and installed 1.1 and it works, at least so far. I wanted to use the Windows version of Roon for a lot of reasons and the new version apparently allows me to. If you are familiar with the names Escient and Sony “Jukebox” then you may understand why I appreciate what you have done. Long story short, I have been trying for years to input a lot of CDs(all classical) into my system with varying degrees of success. The Mac interface is cumbersome and requires a lot of cutting and pasting and even then with little luck. Your windows interface has eliminated all of that, I believe. So all I have to do is load the discs in the Sony and come back in about two weeks(maybe longer) and a fair number of my discs will have been stored. There is more to this but I am sure you must be bored by now. Unless something falls apart in the next week or so, I will gladly subscribe for one year. I would even be tempted to go lifetime EXCEPT your program represents what is current in 2015. Who knows what will be available in 2016 or 2017 or ??? I am old enough to remember Visicalc to realize that time marches on and nothing is forever. By way of other machine info, the Mac machines work fine. I also have a small Windows machine which has a very nice display but is too underpowered to run the program. It chokes on 20 CDs. Somewhat surprising is the failure to recognize my Android machine-Nexus 6 I believe. It is not a deal breaker and perhaps you will adjust your program for that machine. Thanks again for the update and I reserve other questions for another post.

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