Problems with setting up the Roon Software


I was able to install the Roon Software after I downloaded and installed the correct Open GL driver.
The PC was online during this session.

I installed the Roon software yesterday, but it didn’t work when my PC was not connected to internet. Must the Roon Software be connected to the internet in order to work/play music?

I tried to load wav music files into the Roon library, but nothing happend. I tried both via my NAS and from a folder on my PC, but I was not able to load the files into the library. What is the problem? NB: PC was connected to internet during this session.

My OS is Windows Server 2012 R2. Is it my OS that cause these problems?


I believe that Server 2012 is not supported (Due to lack of OpenGL drivers). Some people have managed to get the Core working (Search this forum) but this a headless Roon configuratio which needs a Roon Remote to control. (eg Android Tablet / Windows Tablet / PC)

I’ll see if I can find the related posts & update with a link.


[quote=“Rik, post:2, topic:2333”]
I believe that Server 2012 is not supported (Due to lack of OpenGL drivers).[/quote]
It is not the OS (I use 2012R2), it is the Video Driver which needs to support OpenGL. And you are having these issues locally and not through a RDP session?

Roon works with a NAS (QNAP or Synology are two that come to mind) or local folders for importing.

I am sure the Roon folks will be by to assist you with your issues.

Both of the above replies are correct.

I will add that I finally gave up on getting all of the bugs out of Server 2012 running Roon. What I did was put Roon and JPlay on a Win 8.1 ControlPC; and JPlay and Server 2012 with AudiophilePhil’s script on my AudioPC. It sounds heavenly and the Roon interface blows everything else away.

So if you continue to have problems, you might try that architecture.


Thank you Rik.

Hi Kirk

Thank you for your advice.
I will try out windows 8.1 and Roon. Is your PC connected to the internet when you are using Roon, or could you also be offline if you only listen to music from a NAS or a local folder on your PC?



The control pc has an Internet connection because it has two ethernet ports. Roon and Tidal use the internet connection. The second ethernet port connects via a private network to the audio pc, which has no Internet.

It works fine for me in windows 2012 with audiophile optimizer running in minimal server mode.

Perhaps i overlooked, but i did not see a description if what is not working.
Does it not start up? Do you get an error?
No locsl music? No Tidal?

Thanks Kirk for your help.



It starts up when my PC is connected to the internet, but even if it is up and running, I’m not able to load music files into the library.

[quote=“Kirk, post:4, topic:2333”]
I will add that I finally gave up on getting all of the bugs out of Server 2012 running Roon.[/quote]

Roon runs fine under Server 2012R2 Essentials. I have both a Roon Core and a Roon Remote running under 2012R2 - GUI or Minimal Server Mode.

2012R2 is not quite as “end-user” friendly as say 8.1 so for the PC faint-of-heart running 8.1 is probably a better solution.