Problems with Squeezebox 2

Having an old squeezebox 2 that has been in mothballs since I got my PS Audio DSD, I was excited to make it part of my Roon network for my home theater. Everything seemed to go well on setup, but it only played for 10 seconds or so before it stopped and I could get no sound out of it. After that, I could no longer get the Sqeezebox to connect wirelessly to my network due to encryption failure (re-entering WPA2 password did not fix it). Going to wired etherner had no effect.

Bringing the Squeezebox to factory setting once again got it to connect and play for another 10 secs but then I had the same problems.

Any ideas?

One thought - Is your old LMS server still running anywhere? It needs to be disabled so Roon can take full ownership.

Thanks for the input, but it is not running. Check for unexpected processes through the task manager as well. That said, I am going to go to the machine I used to run it on and remove it completely, since it kept crasing so I do not use it anymore.

I doubt it will have an effect, but I will let you know.

I’d keep a version on LMS handy until you’ve cracked the problem - you may need to fire it up again to prove the SB2 is working ok in its “old world” environment.

It works for me - I’ve got a Squeezebox Boom and picoreplayer. Did have to turn off my other LMS.

I removed LMS for the server completely (I still have the zipped download somewhere, but it is not installed). No change. Once I try to play to it, the device disappears from the list of available devices. My LMS setup hadn’t been used in a year or so because of its effects on the PC on which it is installed. It is a fairly old box and was also responsible for playing J River for my main music rig. I would have to reinstall to check if it works, but really, I’m not sure I it feels worth doing. It will probably work and I will still have the problem with Roon, and if it doesn’t, I will steill have the problem with Roon. Unless someone comes up with an idea, I will probably just try some later versions of Roon when they come out, and throw the Squeezebox away if it continues not to work.

Maybe it is something specific to the Squeezebox II. It is a fairly early model.

Possibly could be SB2 related? - I’ve got 7 squeeze family devices in all, but the oldest is a SB3. I remember it took a couple of goes to get them all recognised and settled down with Roon, but since then they’ve all been totally rock solid. I’d give it another factory reset, go for wired ethernet if possible with a static IP and check you can ping it consistently before pointing Roon at it. There’s a few folks on the forum with more squeezebox expertise than me, so hopefully someone will pitch in with more ideas.

I’m also having trouble connecting my SB2 to Roon. It sees Roon and attempts to connect but errors out in the last step.
My SBTouch does connect and play music. Did the OP get his working?

I don’t know your scenarios, nor have I checked what version is required, but if it were me I’d check the Squeezebox firmware installed vs what is available and update it if there’s a newer one. The only way I’ve updated the firmware is by installing LMS and connecting to it, maybe someone has another way.