Problems with 'static' using Kalliope DAC with Roon

I have a Kalliope DAC, and an Antipodes Dx source on which Roon server and Roon ready reside and I operate Roon on a Macbook Pro. I’m new to having all these things. The problem I’m having is that when I play music with Roon, whether ripped CD, Tidal, higher quality FLAC or DSD the music is sometimes interrupted by pops, clicks or non-stop ‘static’/white noise.The problem is intermittent. It can happen almost immediately or after 45 minutes. The DAC works flawlessly when fed from a CD player or my Mac playing iTunes (a shorter test), using Roon it seems to be more likely to happen with higher quality (better than CD) sources but also with CD and Tidal. It appears to be an issue arising either with Roon, or the Antipodes or the way they interact together and with the DAC. I’ve tried various different audio settings in the Antipodes and Roon but nothing seems to make the problem go away. The Antipodes is connected to the DAC by 2m audiophile USB cable. Roon is the current version just updated today. The Antipodes is also up to date. Below are the relevant screen shots. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

where is your source music…tidal of course is streamed…but is all your material local on the mac or on a NAS or external drive? are you using wifi to get access to your music? if so that could be it.

Thank you Paul. I have resolved the issue. The Antipodes server was the problem - it had a bad USB input - was replaced under warranty and no problem since. Geoff

Bummer but glad you found a fix…hardware issue are what we often least expect.