Problems with stopping/ new Sonos ARC

I recently upgraded my Sonos Playbar to Arc, sound is much better even though it’s a casual listening zone.

Since then I have had a lot of Playback issues where zones get ungrouped in Roon and/or playback stops.

Has anyone had trouble with the Arc and Roon? Something has changed and I am trying to figure it out. The Arc is hard wired and paired with a Sub.

Hi Rob, are you still testing this setup? I decided to try the Arc as well after selling my Bluesound soundbar 2i and Flex 2i. I find the sonos sound profile takes some getting used to but my aim was i) to gain a more reliable multiroom system over WiFi, and ii) be able to expand multiroom at lower cost per room. So far I am testing the arc with 2 x One Gen 2 placed in other rooms (so 3 sonos zones in total). The Bluesound system worked well until I ‘upgraded’ my home wifi to an Asus Mesh. This ‘broke’ bluesound and despite adjusting settings and even wiring with Mesh nodes… terrible disconnects. After 2 months of trouble I decided to (once again) try the sonos ecosystem. I have had some issues with playback stops but they seem to happen rarely (once in 7 days). I am not yet sure if I will keep this system (purchased directly from Sonos so I can benefit from the 100 day return window). I will report back with progress in case it helps.
Are you still experiencing issues?

No thankfully I am not having Sonos oriented issues anymore. I went through a number of configuration changes, so hard to pinpoint. I do also have a mesh (Eero), but the Arc is hardwired.

I do sometimes get Tidal stop playing, I think that is more Tidal related than Sonos.

Great to hear :slight_smile:
… indeed the Tidal playback issues are also reported in the Bluesound forum. It does not appear to be exclusive to Sonos.

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