Problems with the operation of Auralic Aries, Vega G2 and LEO – Aries freezes and stops displaying the cover

Dear colleagues - I am writing about a phenomenon that worries me very much and is simply annoying, After upgrading to 7.3, both Aries G2 and Vega G2 experience the following issues:

  1. After a few minutes of playing the track - the cover from ARIES suddenly disappears - as if he wasn’t dragging it from ROON (I have Nucleus). It doesn’t matters if it from file or from Todal or from Qubuz - I attach a picture how it looks. Then I restart ARIES - but it’s annoying.
  2. Aries - Vega - LEO - are connected with each other by standard HDMI cables, which are added to the set with the purchase. Sometimes Aries stops playing a song for no reason, however I can see the progress of the song on my computer, that the song is playing in ROON. What am I doing then? I switch in DAC VEGA from D-LINK, to, example, COAX - and go back to D-LINK - it helps in most cases. Sometimes, however, you need to restart ARIES. Irritating!
  3. As recommended - I have Auto Reboot set - once every 24 hours. Unfortunately, once every 3.4 times - LEO doesn’t perform full Auto Reboot - freezes on the startup screen, won’t go any further - why?

These are the 3 most annoying things. Do you have the same? Does it happen to you too? What do you do then?

Hi @Piotr_Welc,

It doesn’t look like your picture came through properly, can you please attach it as a screenshot?

Is there any pattern to the files that trigger this issue? For example does it only occur when switching between different sample rates?

What does your network setup look like, can you please provide some more details?

What did you upgrade to 7.3 in this case, the firmware on your Aires? Before you made the upgrade to 7.3 everything was working properly and the firmware was the only aspect that changed here?

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