Problems with TIDAL playback in Roon

Noris, could you please pm me? I am having issue not able to play some tidal songs if I select master or hifi quality, but when i select normal or high, I can play them through roon. But when I use Dcs network bridge apps, I can play them whatever I want. Can you tell me what can I do?

What do you have tidal set to in roon, settings, services, tidal?

I am using Mac mini as Roon core, OS X Catalina, works fine until these 2 months, some flac music in tidal cannot be play through Roon, MQA is still totally perfect.
But for the same album or song, when I use my dcs network bridge apps to play, I can play it, only cannot play through Roon, which I have listen to in a few months before. Eg the Avril Lavigne O Holy Night ep

And what is roon set to?

Sent to dcs network bridge

Or even to system output or iPhone / iPad , all cannot

If you will do this, you might find the answer.

Yes, tidal , master/hifi quality, only set it back to normal can play, only in Roon, can play normally in tidal apps.

Runs normal in tidal apps

No idea at all, all works fine until end of September, my account also login to tidal using TEAC apps to play music on TEAC TN505, no good luck too


I’ve split your post into it’s own thread so that I can better assist you here.

In the TIDAL app screenshot, you are shown playing a HiFi track, can you try to play any Masters in the TIDAL app or on the TIDAL web player (

Is there any change in behavior if you try to log out and back into TIDAL via Roon?

Thank you Noris, my iPhone cannot play master , but in Mac mini also, only normal and high can play

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Are you saying that these Master tracks are also failing in the TIDAL app on your iPhone? I don’t quite understand your last message, please clarify. If Masters are failing in the TIDAL app as well, I would reach out to TIDAL support. If I have misunderstood you, please let me know.

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