Problems with volume control when using exclusive mode on private zone

When I try to use exclusive mode to play to a Realtek digital output zone using RoonRemote on my Windows 7 PC the volume is always at maximum volume.

With just exclusive mode selected the volume sliders on RoonRemote and on the PC are both still available to be moved (and are in sync with each other) but do not change the volume at all. However mute on both does work! Should it not be bypassing the mixer altogether?

If I use force maximum volume then the RoonRemote volume slider is not available. However the PC volume control is but does not change the volume. Mute does work on the PC volume control.

Disable volume control gives the same behavior as force maximum volume control.

If I try event driven mode then I get no sound and the tracks in the queue disappear one by one until it is empty.

Without exclusive mode both volume controls are in action and work in series independently of each other however I would prefer to use exclusive mode so no other computer sounds can interrupt when Roon is playing.

I have been wondering if I should report this or not as I imagine the changes coming with Roonspeakers may make this report redundant. If that’s this case then please ignore this. However I thought I would get this on your radar screen just in case Roonspeakers works in the a similar way as the current RoonRemote private zone implementation and this needs a fix.

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